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Welcome to Nomads Music

Welcome to Nomads Music – a unique blend of East and West, including influences from Flamenco, Jazz, Blues and Middle Eastern, and is very much “world music”. World music means different things to different people, making it difficult to define. One thing is certain – more and more “world music” is showing up in music libraries every day, and best of all, “people know it when they hear it!” We believe you will also like our music as soon as you hear it!

World music might best be described by what it’s not. It’s not Western art music, neither is it mainstream Western folk or popular music. World music can be traditional (folk), popular or even art music, but it must have ethnic or foreign elements.

Music by Nomad is composed of members from 6 different nations and cultural backgrounds, and provides a sound that will satisfy and please the ears of music lovers and musicians all over the world. Our music is known for it’s instrumental purity, with some vocal, and is both soothing and soulful.